Horace Heidt Jr. completed the book,a must-have for anyone interested in the history of the San Fernando Valley.”

– Jan Anderson, columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News

“When critics reflect on the heyday of the big bands, it is the jazz innovators who receive their garlands of praise. The sweet ensembles and show orchestras that played an equally important role during the era receive scant attention…Few bandleaders have been as overlooked in this regard as Horace Heidt.”
– Joseph F. Laredo, music critic

“It is hard to believe that the colorful career and personal life of Horace Heidt had not been documented – Horace Heidt: Big Band Star-Maker corrects this wrong.”
– John Tumpak, author/big band and jazz expert

“Of all the big band leaders, none of them discovered more talent than band leader Star-Maker Horace Heidt.”
– Lawrence Welk, band leader/television celebrity

“The elder Heidt discovered and promoted the careers of as many pop artists as band leader Ben Pollock discovered outstanding Jazz Musicians.”
– Dave Dexter Jr., music critic

“The greatest guy I ever worked for, he was instrumental in exploiting my ability over the airwaves, introducing my songs, and helping me reach the top. And when the time came, he helped me organize my orchestra.”
– Frankie Carle, renowned jazz pianist/composer, and band leader

“To Horace, who was instrumental in giving us our real first start in show business, we are grateful; the Kings will always look back to our association with the ‘Horace Heidt Happy Family,’ with many fond memories.”
– Luise King of the King Sisters, Hollywood recording and television legends